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Digital Transformation

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Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation involves leveraging the tools and technology that you use every day in different and unique ways to better serve yourself and your clients.

Echo’s Digital transformation will give you the creative freedom to rethink your business processes to streamline operations that maximize efficiency, save money and increase visibility. It varies company by company – and sometimes department by department – depending on their unique business goals.


Mendix Application Development

Mendix is an approach adopted by Echo Technology considering digital transformation to balance competing priorities

We give you more than just buying new technology.

This digital transformation strategy clearly segments your applications by the problems they address, their rate of change, and the distinctiveness of the business capabilities they facilitate.

Through Mendix we create multi-channel, engaging and high value apps that run on any device:

Bulid it Once

Native Applications

Intuitive Designe

Smart Technology


Mendix combines Speed, Collaboration, and Control. The result is business-changing software made easy.

Mendix expands your development team. In massive fashion.


Visual modeling and building blocks speed up time-to-market: Activate your citizen developers. Make your professional developers more productive. Deploy your apps to the cloud of your choice in no time.


Collaboration tools align Business and I.T. across the app-dev process: Track all requirements directly in Mendix platform, along with user stories, sprints and feedback. Unleash full transparency with collaboration like never before.


Embedded governance gives you control, even at high scale: Maintain control across your entire application development process. From automated testing, tracking, and analytics to user and role-based platform access.


Microsoft SharePoint

SharePoint online is a leading Content Services platform. This presents an excellent Digital transformation opportunity for enterprises looking to move their on-premise ECM systems on to the Cloud.

Echo provides a wide range of services and solutions based the latest releases of MS SharePoint including:

Collaborative Workspaces

Internet/Intranet/Extranet Portals.

Enterprise Content Management.

Business Process & Workflow

Business Intelligence

SharePoint’s core functions are:

Store documents in a more effective format than a regular folder system, and bring an organization together so that everyone receives critical information that’s relevant to them.

Here are some benefits your organization can get from using SharePoint:

Context around documents and folders

Enable constant communication with all staff

Store all information in a central location.

Store all information in a central location.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM

MS Dynamics CRM 365 is the comprehensive software suite facilitating brilliant fusion of CRM and ERP cloud services focused on a specific business process.


Through this integrated cloud-based CRM and ERP solutions we offer you intelligent Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications that seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Office 365.

MS Dynamics CRM 365 incorporates indispensable apps for the high-end sales forecast in the Field Service, Sales, Project Service Automation, Customer Service, Marketing, Financials, and Operations.

Why You Should Use Dynamics 365 as Your CRM?



Improved operational efficiency


Enhanced customization


Right information to the right people


Simplified service scheduling


Dynamics 365/CRM is built for Outlook


Seamless Excel integration


Seamless application and data source integration


Enhanced communication


Powerful reporting with Power BI & Dynamics CRM


Connects teams to a single unified solution


Scalable database architecture


Choice of Deployment on-premise or on cloud.


Targeted marketing campaigns


Correspondence Management

Echo Technology help you achieve digital transformation by centralizing both physical and digital correspondences and managing them through our Correspondence Management System


e-DIWAN® that manages your correspondences throughout their full life-cycle from creation, to assembly, processing, archiving, retrieving, tracking, creating reports until their final disposal.

This means that you’re not just rethinking your procedures, but also the way you use information
By switching from paper-based to automated processes you do more than just improve efficiency.

View E-Diwan

Why Correspondence Management System?



Reduce Paper usage by 65%.


Boost performance and follow up.


Eliminate documents loses.


Well utilization of the human resources.


Complaint Management

Our perspective on the digital transformation of customer service is through a frame of action that guides them throughout the process so as to achieve complaint management consistency

Echo Technology provide you with Wasel® to transform the tedious, untaken seriously complaint management process into a professional, transparent, monitored one.

With complaints coming in from all sources, you need a complaint management process that keeps the person making the complaint in the loop. Basic complaint management normally includes a timely acknowledgement, a process towards resolution, and a final outcome that benefits everyone.

View Wasel

By adapting a Complaint Management System, you can:



Streamline complaint management operations and reduce costs by improving response and closure times.


Implement a global approach to complaint handling with multi-site usage, reporting capabilities and unlimited security levels.


Protect brand reputation and increase customer satisfaction by ensuring that complaints are investigated and responded to in a timely manner.


Further, develop management of the complaint lifecycle with real-time trending and escalation of potential safety issues.


Document Management

Digital transformation is usually a long-term plan that is rolled out in phases.


It often involves businesses switching from manual to automated systems, and as the first phase, converting the hard documents into electronic ones and manage them, hence the implementation of a document management solution.

Our End-to-End Document Management Solution allows you to redesign the way you handle documents starting from store, manage and track electronic documents and up to a professional backlog and archiving services.

Our DMS team is always ready to analyze your business, set best practices, deploy and customize the right solution for you, all the way to outsourcing the archiving process to our well-trained team.


Through Document Management we Provide:

Reduced Storage Space

Inhanced Security

Better Collaboration

Easier Retrieval