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Correspondence Management System

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Correspondence Management System

e-Diwan® is the complete solution to automate the official Mail receiving, processing, sending and circulation in order to minimize transaction processing life time, increase productivity and provide management with immediate and accurate tracking and status information. e-Diwan will assist companies, organizations and government entities to distribute their everyday-mail; e-Diwan System is built to route Both electronic among departments, section, projects and employees.

 Inbound Management

Outbound Management

MEMO Management

Reports Module



Powerful Search

Documents Scanning



Why Diwan

Reduce Paper usage by 65%.

Boost performance and follow up.

Eliminate documents loses.

Well utilization of the human resources.




Efficient communication

Document Loss


Diwan Success Stories

Ministry of Higher Education

King Abdullah Center for Excellence

Petra Development & Tourism Region Authority

Jordan Security Commission

Jordan Iftaa Department