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Jordan Government Web Standards and Guidelines 2019

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Jordan Government Web Standards and Guidelines 2019.

Client Name: Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship, Industry: Government, Region: Jordan. 


The Government of Jordan has moved its approach of services delivery toward online channels. A close look at the government websites reveals that most of the important government entities have already established an advanced presence on the internet. 

However, these websites follow different technology standards, design layouts, navigation architecture, or in simple terms, different look and feel as well as functionality. This variety requires from the common website visitors to familiarize himself/herself with the functionality of each website, which results in a lot of inconvenience, thus defeating the very purpose of these websites.

Nevertheless, over the years the government did try to adopt and deploy international standards that are met to make website more accessible but the fact that the websites must meet the culture, target visitor’s expectation and local government needs caused to failure in the adoption objectives. The need for standardization and uniformity in websites belonging to the government did turn into a must, whereby the standards and guidelines aims to make the Jordanian Government websites more usable, user-centric and universally accessible, in addition to bringing uniformity to the quality of content and provided services.


In partnership with Echo Technology Consultation Services, The Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship did release the “Government Web Standards and Guidelines -GWS “in August 2019


The standards are an outcome of studies done on well-known international standards and recommendations, in addition to users and organizations feedback, surveys and users’ behavior analysis performed by Echo Technology, ; where the main inputs are the following:


Government of Jordan Web Standards and Guidelines 2019

This Government Web Standards and Guidelines consists of (36) Guidelines, categorized under (5) Components. Compliance with these guidelines will not only enhance the quality of the entities’ websites but also help in making them easy to use and customer-focused:

The Extra Mile: Government of Jordan Web Design Kit

To move forward with the success, the Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship trusted Echo UI and UX teams to create the unified look and feel templates of the Government of Jordan website taking into consideration the entities core business, sectors and type of information they provide.The Design Kit was released in September 2019. where it does address color schemes, typography, UI elements and standard templates.

WCAG 2.1 Meets the Government Web Standards and Guidelines

Within Government of Jordan Web Standards and Guidelines, the WCAG 2.1 is well addressed to make the web content more accessible to people with disables in addition to the user agents. Taken into consideration the Jordanian websites site visitors, entities needs and allocated budget by to government to meet the standards. 

140 Governmental Entities will Fully Comply with the Web Standards and Guidelines by End of 2020

In collaboration with the Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship, Echo Technology Consultation Services managed to provide awareness and training sessions to the government of Jordan to meet the standards and guidelines to achieve:


Accessable Websites

Unified Look and Feel


Usable Websites

Enhanced Customer Journey


Functional Websites

Reduce the Development Time


Quality Content

Reduce the Cost of Development